Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Happy Easter!

It's that time of year again, if you're studying (or teaching) this week will be the glorious start to a well earned break! Or for others maybe you are looking forward to an up coming long weekend. For the any of you who may not be getting any Easter time off we suggest you treat yourself to a little something to make up for it! Here are a few non-chocolate based Easter treats (Although feel free to combine with any quantity of chocolate eggs!)
Rabbit salt & pepper set - £8.95, Speckled egg dish - £9.50, Hanging egg decorations - £1/1.50, Green spotted vase - £6
These rabbit salt and pepper shakers make a cute Easter gift that can be used all year round. We've blogged about these lovely speckled egg shaped dishes before, but we couldn't leave them out of an egg themed post.
Blue bowls - £12, Box of eggs - £9, Bouquet - £8.50
If, like us, you are feeling inspired to indulge in a bit of Easter decorating, we stock these pretty eggs in a variety of sizes.

Chiscken tote bag - £15
It doesn't seem right to feature all these eggs without including the chickens! These large chicken tote bags have been proving very popular this week.

Bunny necklace - £36
We are in love with these tiny little gold plated necklaces, they are so dainty and cute! (many other animals available).

Easter Window

A little glimpse of our shop window this week as we embrace the easter vibe.

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