Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Does Your Mother Know... much you love her? Mother's Day is fast approaching (SUNDAY 15TH REMINDER) and although there shouldn't be a set day to show your love, what better excuse to pamper and treat your mum for all her wonderfulness than whole day dedicated to her?

Card - £2.75, Bath Bomb Box - £12.00
 Love and Luxury
Our mums are a lovely bunch, who have worked tirelessly to give us all the love and support we need, so it seems only fair that you treat her to a bit of down time relaxation for herself! These bath bomb boxes are the perfect pick-me-up for a little luxury whenever she wants - simply choose any five bath bombs/melts from our range and it's job done. Easy for you and Mum is sure to love having her own pamper in a box! We also have a gorgeous selection of soaps, which can also be added to any box with another couple of bath bombs, but the luxury doesn't stop there... we have amazing candles, too (£4.95) as well as larger bath bombs at £3.50 each.

The Constant Gardner
Tin Bucket - £6.00 , Flowers - £3.75 a bunch, Green Planter - £6.00, Gardening Gloves - £12.00
Plant Labels - £2.50
Fittingly, Mother's Day falls at one of the most exciting times of the year, Spring. With new shoots emerging, buds flowering on the trees and leaves turning from brown to green, it's hard not to be excited by the change in season and there is nothing more exciting than getting back with nature in the garden. So why not treat your mum to a new gardening kit so that she, too, can relish in the great outdoors and see the wonders of spring first-hand? Not only is it relaxing (paramount for our busy mums) but fun for all the family, young and old so is a great way to encourage more family fun as well as giving your mum the chance for a bit of alone time. Whether she's been inspired by The Great Allotment Challenge, is a budding Alys Fowler or happy making the window boxes look pretty, it's the kind of thing mum wouldn't buy for herself sow ill be the perfect treat!

Butterfly brooches - £12.00, Green bird brooch - £10.00, Bullfinch - £3.00, Speckled bowl - £9.50
Aswell as our range of beautiful and delicate necklaces, we also have a range of these colourful pieces that would look gorgeous adorned on any coat, jacket, scarf or blouse to brighten mum's day! Great for adding a pop of colour to any outfit, these nature inspired brooches from a range of designers have already proven to be very popular and are timeless styles that will see her all through the year. The speckled bowl is great for presenting a selection of small gifts to mum on her special day (chocolate and other sweet treats never go amiss!) and is great for use afterwards for keeping her jewellery or beauty bits on display. or as a lovely dish for nibbles and snacks.

Whatever you choose to give your lovely mum on the day, don't forget to show her every day of the year how much she means to you, but from all of us her at Rose Hill, we hope you mums are spoilt rotten and have a lovely, relaxing Mothering Sunday! x

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