Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Glove Me Do...

A very chilly "hello" from us today - we finally got a smattering of snow here in Brighton (more like sleet, that lasted for minutes - but still very exciting!) and we are certainly feeling the cold. The harsh conditions can be a nightmare for your skin and for those with as bad circulation as me, these gloves will be your snowy saviour.
All gloves - £19
These leather/ leather and suede gloves are the perfect cold cure as, not only are they lined with a beautiful velvety material, everyone knows leather gloves are incomparable for keeping out the cold and retaining the heat due to the nature of the material. Leather gloves are particularly durable and mold to the shape of your hands after wearing frequently, which gives them a gorgeous quality and well, fit like a glove! Although leather isn't renowned for being waterproof, it is certainly wind proof, making them ideal for the weather we're having at the moment and will definitely see you through many winters to come.

The detailing on each pair of gloves is beautiful and gives each pair a distinctive and unique look, for example the pair on the far left  have a gorgeous little bow to give it a pretty, feminine quality, whereas the tan pair on the right have a more androgynous look making them doubly wearable and easy to style. 

Top left we have a quilted design for a more 50s look of a classic driving glove, but updated with the sweet bow detail again, whilst next to it we have a pair of our buttery-soft suede gloves. Although not as stiff as the leather gloves and slightly finer material, the suede is equally as warm and luxurious with a much more move able quality to the material. 

This button detailing is a perfect homage to Brighton's artistic community, with bold contrasting colours reflecting our creative perfectly! Available in burgundy and a deep brown, these gloves would look gorgeous with a bright scarf or coat to really make the colours on the glove pop.
Rabbit fur arm warmers - £20

These beautiful little gloves are much longer in length, reaching up to the elbows to keep you nice and toasty but with the added benefit of leaving your hands free to text, type or write away whilst the irresistibly soft fur cuff will warm you up nicely. Great for indoor use or moving in to Spring, or even those milder winter days when you still need that little extra layer, these handy (excuse the pun) fingerless glove-come-arm warmers are great for just popping in your bag everyday and if British weather is anything to go by, you never know when you'll need them! Also available in a caramel brown, these little beauties are the most glamorous glove alternative this season.

We hope you enjoyed this post and hope to see you in store very soon! x

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