Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Stay Gold

When the temperature drops it's easy to quickly become disenchanted with winter and find yourself scrolling through old summer photos longing for a little warmth! Although crisp, sunny winters mornings are beautiful, it's lovely to be able to bring some of that sunshine inside and transform your home ready for the arrival of spring. Our new metallic home accessories are perfect for welcoming the sun and will perk up even the gloomiest of days. 
Grasshopper - £15.00, Coaster - £5.95
These golden grasshoppers and wonderfully intricate skeleton leaf coasters are a fantastic way to bring some fun and glamour in to your home. The detailing on these golden beauties is amazing and creates a wonderfully chic addition to any home - think sitting atop a mantelpiece (preferably in a decadent matte black living room) or as a centrepiece at a dinner table, or even as a paperweight for the funkiest office organiser! These coasters can also be used for decoration if you can't bear the thought of spilling anything on them, or if you like a more antiqued look, would be beautiful candle holders for a spring wedding. 
Pineapple - £25.00, glass vases - £10.00
It seems that the humble pineapple has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and recently they have been cropping up everywhere from fashion, to light fittings to quirky prints (we even have a gorgeous pineapple Valentine's card!) which we think has been long overdue. It has become an emblem of hospitality and 'welcome' once in the home, which we think is pretty lovely and even more reason for this piece to be the newest addition to every follower-of-fashion's home. Great to hold your jewellery and trinkets, or as a fun sweet container that will definitely take centre stage at any party! These sweet little vases are perfect for holding a single stem or a couple of sprigs of foliage, perfect for scattering around the house when the first few flowers start to come out for spring.
Rabbit pot - £16.00
 What better symbol that spring is (optimistically) on the way than a beautiful bunny?! This gorgeous pot oozes elegance and has a timeless feel that means in would look perfect amongst any kind of decor, from rustic farmhouse kitchen storage, to smooth minimalist living room decoration, or even a little trinket box for a (very careful) child's bedroom. The gold rim running around the centre gives it an orb-like feel and the gold eye gives a subtle yet sophisticated accent.  
Large - £10.00, small - £6.00
 These containers evoke images of tropical islands, poolside cocktails and the smooth lull of waves lapping against the shore, unless that's my consistent craving for sunshine letting my mind wander BUT how beautiful is this turquoise and gold together?! The translucent quality of the material means there is a wonderful ethereal glow from any light around these pots - looking lovely near a window to catch natural light, or, if you're happy with potential snail invasion, would look amazing in a garden either hosting plants or tea lights for the idyllic summer's glow. However you chose to style these colourful containers, they are guaranteed to make your home feel instantly sunnier and make summer dreaming a little bit closer...

We hope you enjoyed reading about our sunny new pieces and hope to see you in store soon! x

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