Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The September Issue

Can you believe it's September already?! Although the sun is still shining here in Brighton (hooray!), there is still the nagging feeling that the summer is coming to an end, even if the weather isn't saying so, the first day back at work definitely is. But it doesn't have to be a mournful change of season, in fact, there is something exciting about the beginning of September, with a New Year feeling to the start of the month. A time to try and keep up with your summer diet, to kick start that project you've been sitting on throughout August or just an excuse to re write your resolutions - September has a positively optimistic feel to it. If, however, you still aren't convinced, we have a few ideas to try and postpone the back-to-school feeling, to beat those summer blues and relax in to your routine...

Pamper yourself
Whatever the weather, it's true what they say about the healing powers of a nice long bath, especailly if you're getting back in to the working week, or even if you want a little guiltless 'me' time. Fill the room with relaxing scents of the summer (because none of us are quite ready to let it go...) and take yourself back to lazy days spent at the beach, at home or abroad and allow yourself a little indulgent bath bomb, too! These sweet smelling bath time treats ooze luxury and sophistication and it doesn't have to be a special occasion - they're perfect for a midweek pick me up! Not only will you smell amazing, what better way to bathe than surrounded by rose petals? These French soaps are the ideal addition to any bathroom, with a range of scents to make every use a treat in itself! However stressful returning to normality is, allow yourself some time to gather your thoughts and de-stress over the next few weeks, your body will love you for it! 

Plan a trip away
Although funds are sparse after the summer holidays, the best way to conquer those September blues is to have a little something to look forward to in the coming months so that the autumn months don't seem anywhere near as bleak! It doesn't have to be somewhere exotic, although if you can, a trip to the tropics would be the perfect remedy to lack of British sunshine, or simply be a weekend in a B&B in the Yorkshire moors or Cornish coast - anywhere to allow some escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These canvas washbags will be the perfect companion on your travels, with their initial letter counterparts proving equally as delightful! The perfect size for fitting in all your essentials be it for a night, a weekend or a week, it feels sturdy and safe (for fear of spilt shampoo) and will be the envy of your fellow travellers! Even if the idea of a holiday seems unfathomable at the moment, there's really no harm in having a sneaky look at those train fares to Paris, or the cheapest country cottage rental, is there..?

Get writing
It always seems that over the summer, anything is possible - those long afternoons of day dreaming and planning shouldn't be bypassed. Instead, treat yourself to a new journal (there really is nothing nicer than filling out blank pages) and spend a few minutes a day jotting down those pie dreams ready to be made in to a reality. If you've been planning to quit your job but need time to think of an alternative - write your ideas down! Wanted to start a blog? Do it! Even talking about organising a much needed car boot sale, or listing those items lurking a the back of your wardrobe on eBay, or even starting a mini diary of the day's events - nothing is too boring or too extreme if it is your creative outlet and escapism from the office. And what better way to escape than with this beautiful notebook with the prettiest of summer scenes? However big, or small you may be thinking, a couple of lines of writing a day is sure to keep those summer cravings at bay! 

We hope these blues busters have made the thought of September a little more bearable - do let us know if you have given any of them a go and feel free to contact us on 01273 676676 for more product information.

See you soon! x

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