Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A View from a Shop

Well, what a glorious start to the month it has been! A sweltering day in Brighton has seen lots of beachgoers pass through the shop, much to our envy, but thankfully we have a gorgeous view right here at 3b Kensington Gardens and wouldn't want to be anywhere else (although a Mr Whippy ice cream would be much appreciated)..!
We thought we would show you a little glimpse in to Rose Hill Boutique for those of you who have never been or haven't been in a while. Lots of gorgeous new items are gracing the shelves making for a perfect;y picturesque scene - we were even told by a very kind customer just today that we were the prettiest shop in Brighton! Here are a few snaps of our new stock, some familiar to our regulars and others totally new and it looks lovely even if we do say so ourselves...
This is my view as I'm typing and what a lovely view it is! There is so much to see in here that it really is a treat for the eyes, and nose with our sweet smelling scented sachets and hopefully ears too (we're currently listening to lots of Justin Timberlake). The eclectic mix of gifts, jewelley and homeware is what gives the shop a unique feel in true Brighton style.
Where to start with this new shelving unit?! We're all in love with it and almost don't want it to go so we can gaze longingly at it instead - alas, nothing is permanent so we'll enjoy it before some very lucky person takes it to a good home. It's funny what a piece of furninture can do to a room, or a shop, as it's completly transformed Rose Hill, giving lots of display space in a very easy, minimal and contemporary style. The exposed wood shelves give a timeless look whilst the metal join makes for an almost Scandinavian design. From hosting rows of books, records, pots and pans or clothes, they are certainly versatile and are bound to look perfect in any space.
These beautiful necklaces prove very popular in store and what's not to love about a minature tea set of a gorgeous gold chain? A range of colours, styles and lengths make for the perfect presents either for yourself or loved ones.
Another set of shelves to fawn over! This beautiful dresser is such a great size for, well, anything and everything! It has a gorgeous timeless quality to it and would make for the perfect addition to any room. The wooden panelling creates a lovely warmth whilst the white shelves give a contemporary feel to this 1940s piece.

We hope you enjoyed this little tour around our little shop and we hope to see you very soon! Pop in and say hello from 10.30 - 6pm every day (11-5pm on Sundays). x

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